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Welcome to Medella Life

As specialist recruiters in life sciences, our mission is to create a positive impact in the world. We place visionary people in thriving cultures where they can create a brighter future. Our impact and what that means to society is why we go the extra mile. We even baked it into our name, Medella, which means to heal. Pairing brilliant scientists with brilliant companies we find wildly exciting, and it drives everything we do.  

No matter how hard, at Medella Life we live by our values. We may be new, but we are here to earn our stripes. Our founding team has more than twenty-five years experience in the field. Our mission is to be your first call when looking for A-list talent. What matters to us is being the best, not being the biggest. That's why we value quality over quantity. It is our belief that science can save the world. Which is why a Medella Life is a good life.



Make an epic impact

Our clients are the finest of the fine across pharma, biotech and med-tech. Why not find out where you could go by registering now? It takes less than a minute.


Our Value

Because our reputation is everything, we’re meticulous and believe being diligent inspires confidence. Our level of rigor is remarkable in contingency recruitment, but our search for authenticity lies behind the success of highly-selective shortlists. This is why we listen, slow down and think about what we're doing at Medella Life.

We default to transparency because no matter how wide we search, our reputation rests only on our ability to deliver. For candidates, this often means quite challenging, in-depth interviews. As cultural fit is make or break, it demands time and focus. Otherwise everyone loses out, avoiding this we take seriously. 



  • Fully recommended

    Matthew’s professional approach and attentive way with both clients and candidates is to be recommended. That’s why I fully recommend his supportive and efficient way of identifying the right candidates.

    Fully recommended

    Recruitment Manager, Pharma

  • Excellent level of service

    I am more than happy with the excellent level of service Matthew has provided. We have worked together for years and he has placed almost a dozen candidates with me during that time. ​

    Excellent level of service

    HR Director, Pharma

  • Diligent and highly-skilled

    Matthew is diligent and highly-skilled. He handles clients professionally, with ethics and morals that really stand-out. I’d highly recommend him for his skill in recruiting and managing a team.

    Diligent and highly-skilled

    Talent Manager, Pharma


The Scientists Choice

At Medella Life we are well-networked and have sector expertise that is palpable. For A-grade talent in Clinical Research, Trials, Q.A. and Pharma-covigilance, let’s begin the search together.