Our Process

In life sciences, the impact a new job can have is epic. In the right culture, with the right challenge, your work could make a dent in the universe. With our clients in pharma, biotech and med-tech, you will chose from the finest of the fine where to go. Generally, we work with Clinical Researchers, Q.A. Managers, Health Economists, Regulatory Directors and Economic Modellers. These might be in a start-up, an agency or global heavyweight.

Wherever it is, your long-term contentment and development is our priority. This you can always trust, because we see ourselves as talent managers at Medella Life. Our relationship with you goes far beyond a hire. We care about your long-term happiness at work, that's why our placement process is so in-depth. So, if our values sound solid and you are thinking about a change, we’d love to talk. Registration takes seconds, so let’s get started and arrange that call. 

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How we work 


At Medella Life, we want you to find the best role, so we ask plenty of questions. We ask about your journey, future goals and get a clear sense of the practical boxes you need to tick. Career development is a huge consideration and we appreciate how much this matters. This means we won't ever push you into somewhere where you won't settle long-term. We're frank about the salary and rewards you can expect, so you never feel sold a fake promise. 

Shortlisting Opportunities 

Contract positions are on the rise in life sciences. High-calibre individuals on short-term contracts are in need for demanding, specialist roles. Here it's about being one of the best as you'll need to hit the ground running and deliver. These roles usually suit you if you have 10 years+ experience and specific technical skills. For junior through to senior positions, it's likely you're best suited to a permanent position. 

Interviews & Assessment

Regardless of the role, our service remains the same. So, once we have reviewed your C.V. and had a brief call, we begin our 360 degree feedback process. We give you feedback on your C.V. and the way you come across in interview. It may be you need to edit your C.V. or practice your presentation skills. Here, we also check your references with line managers and ex-team mates. This gives us a full picture of your personality and skill-set. Doing this helps us make sure you we know exactly where to place you. 


You chose to work with Medella Life on an exclusive basis if you wish. For a set period of two to four weeks, we actively profile and recommend you to clients. This does not only include open positions, but extends to firms where we can spot an affinity of some kind. Here, we will recommend you connect informally. This puts you in front of clients, so when opportunities do arise, you are on their radar and top of the list. 


We prepare you in full for a smooth and successful start. You can ask us anything about your new role, the team or your line manager beforehand. At Medella Life, there is no such thing as too many questions. We value transparency and diligence, so are happy to go over anything on your mind. Once you start your new job we stay in touch until we're sure you've settled and are happy. 

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